You may need a place to stay all along the weekend the International Conference 25 years making peace(s) is taking place. We have gathered in this space a list of apartments that may fit you. However, this is just a selection and there are surely other good alternatives. The prices of this sample are more or less the following:

 1 person...... 40€/night

 2 people.... 50€/night

 3 people ... 60€/night

 4 people ... 70€/night

 5 people ... 80€/night

If you finally decide to stay in one of these apartments, contact directly the administrator specifying that you are assisting the Conference, so that he will make you a discount.

Apartments Las Minvas in Castellón and El Grao

Contact:: Manuel Segarra



In case you prefer to stay in a hotel during the days the International Conference 25 years making peace(s)  is taking place, we have gathered here some hotels we have found. There are a huge variety in both tariffs and locations: in the towncenter, close to the unviersity, close to the beach... 

We hope this selection may help you to decide the better place to stay in order to make your time in Castellón as much comfortable as possible, see you soon!


Avda. Sos Baynat S/N 12071- Castellón  |  Tel: (34) 964 729380

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